Frequently Asked Questions

What is SalonSociety? 
SalonSociety is an online service that allows you to reserve open salon and spa appointments at exclusive rates. We fill the salon's empty appointments, and you save money while receiving the services you love. It's a win-win for both you and the salon. 

How much money will I save with SalonSociety?
SalonSociety services are 20-50% lower than the full prices services offered at the salons. Add the included gratuity, and you have yourself a deal! 

Can I purchase a SalonSociety gift certificate?
A SalonSociety gift certificate is perfect for anyone who loves being pampered. There are gifts available for purchase at Please email for special requests.

How are salons chosen?
Each salon is visited and approved by the SalonSociety team. If we wouldn't go there, we won't send you either.

How does billing work?
You will be prompted to provide a debit or credit card upon booking an appointment. The card you provide will be billed at the time of the appointment. The appointment may be rescheduled or cancelled until 12 hours prior to the appointment time. Subscription payments recur automatically on a monthly basis.

What is your late/cancellation policy?
You can change or cancel your appointment up until 12 hours before the scheduled time. Cancellations after the 12 hour window will be charged.  If you do not arrive to the scheduled location on time, the service provider reserves the right to alter the service to fit the remaining allotted time of the appointment.  The service provider also reserves the right to refuse the service if it cannot be fulfilled in the remaining time.  This will result in a "no show" on your account. 

Where is SalonSociety available?
SalonSociety is currently available in Dallas and the surrounding area. We are growing, so expect more of us soon!

How can my salon join SalonSociety?
Let's chat. Please visit the "Salon Partnership" page for more information.