Salon Partnership Information

What is SalonSociety?
SalonSociety is a membership platform that connects subscribers to salon service providers in their city. Having trouble with hard-to-fill appointment times? Have a few hours between bookings Thursday afternoon? One of your clients cancel last minute? Post those availabilities on your SalonSociety schedule to bring in some new clientele and stop losing money.

How is SalonSociety better than discount service websites?
Those big-name companies often take 50% (or more!) of your service price. We can do better than that. By posting appointments with us as opposed to a general "book anytime" listing you have total control over when these appointments may be filled. If you are consistently booked Thursday evenings at 6:00 p.m., it makes no sense to allow someone to book a discounted service at this time when you could easily fill this appointment at full price. With SalonSociety you will allow appointments to be made when you want, allowing the rest of your clients to book during your busier times.

What does SalonSociety pay per service?
While some service payments are predetermined, others are negotiated. All services on SalonSociety include gratuity.  Please email for payment details specific to your business.

    How does payment work?
    SalonSociety pays service providers a predetermined set amount for each service. This means our members will not open their wallets at the time of service unless you have sold additional products or services to them, as gratuity is included. Payment to salons for all services delivered each Friday-Thursday will be mailed by check the following Friday. Please email for pricing if you do not see the services you offer listed above.

    What if a member purchases a product or additional service during their appointment?
    Maybe a client came in for a blowout through our subscription, but decided to add a conditioning treatment or buy some of that amazing product you just used. We're all for it. Use your own pricing and payment processing for all additional services and products, and thank us for the referral and hopefully your new client.

    How does scheduling work?
    Our software does a lot of the work so you don't have to.  Connect your current schedule to Google Calendar and we will show you how to easily integrate it into our system. As appointments are booked through SalonSociety, they will populate in your calendar.  Similarly, as you book your own appointments, those times will immediately become unavailable to SalonSociety, to prevent double booking. It really does not get any easier than this. Click here for a list of compatible scheduling software.

    How will I be notified of appointments booked through SalonSociety?
    You will receive an email and/or text notification in accordance with your account preferences immediately each time an appointment is booked or cancelled.

    What if a SalonSociety member cancels their appointment?
    There is a 12-hour cancellation window for members. Appointments cancelled outside of this window or considered "no-show" will be honored on our end. This means you will be paid for the full amount of the service, regardless. We value your time and partnership with SalonSociety.

    How far in advance are appointments booked?
    Appointments may be booked as soon as they are made available. The salon has the option to limit booking anywhere from one minute to two hours prior to the appointment time.

    How much does it cost to join the SalonSociety Network?
    Partnering with SalonSociety is absolutely free! This means you can join our salon network at no risk to you.

    How will SalonSociety benefit my business? 

    • Exposure to new clientele
    • Fill empty appointments
    • Supplementary income
    • Complimentary marketing
    • Risk Free

    How do I submit my salon for application?
    To be qualified, you must display proof of a valid license as well as a permanent professional location. To uphold our reputation and maintain trust with our subscribers, SalonSociety conducts interviews with each salon prior to approval. This interview will take place in your salon and you may be required to provide your service to a member of our team at no cost for quality assurance. To submit an application, please fill out the form on this page.

    For additional questions, email